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Parents of Children with* *Selective* *Mutism and Anxiety Disorders**:*
*Meeting** to Help Parents to Discuss their Children’s First Few Weeks of

*Where**: Vera Joffe, Ph.D., P.A. (***

*             10167 N.W. 31st Street, Suite 202*

*              Coral Springs, FL 33065*

*Date**   :   September 21, 2016*

*Time**:      6:30 to 8:00*

*To Register**: Please, call the office at **954-341-4441* <954-341-4441> *to
guarantee your space and participation in this important* *meeting**. You
can also email Dr. Joffe (website) with information on how we may contact
you via telephone and/or email. *

*Note that if you live far from the office, you can still attend the*
*meeting** via Skype.*

*In this meeting, parents will share their observations, questions, and
concerns about their children’s symptoms of SelectiveMutism (and of other
kinds of anxiety) with the goal of discussing possible strategies and
interventions to be implemented in the first month of school. *

Vera Joffe Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical and Adolescent Psychology
(Licensed Psychologist in FL, NY)
PCIT Certified Therapist, PCIT International
Offices in Coral Springs and Aventura, Florida

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